Jun 11, 2011

Loose Ends - No End in Sight

The more I look around, the more loose ends I find.  I think this is going to be a very busy summer.

Saturday afternoon, we tied up some ends, but in the process created a new loose end.  We took down my greenhouse and hauled the pieces to the new house, where they are now stowed in the shed - thus creating a merely relocated loose end.  I'm going to need a few replacement pieces in order to reconstruct it, but I have set a deadline for us:  UT has a bye week September 23.  That sounds like the perfect date to rebuild the greenhouse, just in time for fall and winter. So I just need to get those parts ordered BEFORE that date.  And I need to figure out WHICH parts to order before THAT.  We'll see.

Monday I tied up some tangled ends:  I pulled four charger cords from my car, and tossed all by the one for TomTom - the rest were leftovers from cell phones that have been replaced - not all were mine, though.

Tuesday, I finally cleaned off my kitchen/office desk and restored it to its pre-move status.  (Now that the initial tsunami-size wave of SBV stuff has ebbed away I don't need to use the upstairs office.)  Bad timing - I also made cookies that day. It is beyond my ability to sit within arm's reach of fresh-baked cookies and not eat one.  Or two. Or more.

I also finally updated our TomTom - it was only a couple years out of date.  Maybe the next trip to Florida will not involve "Tom" wigging out and thinking we're driving on the beach for a 30-mile stretch of new(er) highway.  As much as I enjoy irking "Tom," the novelty of that prank has worn off. 

Since I was on a roll, I cleaned up the three bar stools that had been stored for the past decade-plus, and tucked them along the eating bar on our kitchen island - it was like they were made to fit there. 

Thursday morning saw middle child and I traipsing off to the old house bright and early, and hauling back the recyclable pots and flats out of the now-dismantled greenhouse.  I saved a few to keep, and the rest are now on their way to wherever recyclable plastics go.  At least it's not to a landfill.

Friday I mailed out 70-some invites to a get-together we're planning for later this month.  Yes, that ties up a loose end - the invitations have been sitting here since we moved in.  It was high time to get them in the mail so people can hopefully make it to the party!

Several more loose ends are now on my radar screen.  Some of them involve the drill, a pencil and a level.  Others involve heavy-duty gloves and a big brush. Stay tuned...

Happy tying,