Jun 14, 2011

Me versus the pressure washer

It occurred to me yesterday (when our pressure washer nearly knocked me off my feet for the umpteenth time) that 2500 PSI is probably a lot more force than my 5 foot 2-inch frame is really equipped to handle. I have learned to brace myself if I'm on a ladder when I'm power washing - the first time I tried it I nearly launched myself into the hot tub, much to oldest son's consternation. (Well, at first he was concerned. Then he was merely amused.  My kids are pretty accustomed to my klutzy antics.)

But even though the force can and does push me off-balance with regularity, I refuse to turn over the power washing to anyone else. Power-hungry or simply empowered? Either way I get a lot of satisfaction from successfully wielding the wand and knocking the grime off windows, walls, gutters and concrete. I go easier on decking (after I figured out what that kind of pressure can do if you aren't careful.)

Something tells me I'd flunk...
And yes, I am aware I run all kinds of risks by power washing in flipflops, but I keep my toes out of the way.  (Don't ask me how I learned that lesson...I just know, okay?)   I also prefer sunglasses to safety goggles, shorts and tank tops over full length pants and waterproof gloves.  Ear plugs, pshaw.  What fun would it be to power wash if you had to wear all of that?

This year I've had double the power washing fun - old house and new house both needed some serious power washing. New house's deck and guttering along the back are cleaned (and the deck is stained and sealed.) Old house's windows, siding, gutters and north-side sidewalks are cleaned.

I think that just leaves a little deck work at the old house, and then I might have to put up the power washer, at least until I'm ready to tackle that big wraparound porch on the new place. Trim, rails and concrete to be cleaned - woohoo! Sounds like a fun job for a hot July or August day.

Happy powering!