Jun 18, 2011

Loose ends: Closing the gap

This fourth week marks four notable endings to some loose ends.

First is an extremely satisfying (if messy) chore now on the "ta-DONE" list.  The new deck was power washed, stained and sealed (had a rain-out on the railings, but another few hours next week and they'll be finished.)   The old deck was cleared off and the few scuff marks created since last July's staining job will be touched up today.  The new house's deck has plenty of time to cure before the parties begin.

Second is a VERY old loose end.  I'm sure it doesn't qualify as the world's oldest loose end, but it might qualify as my oldest one.  We've all heard stories of people getting a letter decades late, right?  Well, this one is close to that, but it was not the fault of the USPS.  As we were moving Christmas stuff, I came across a box that looked vaguely familiar.  I opened it and sure enough, it was a gift to a longtime friend.  It was supposed to be sent to her several (7? 8? not sure!) years ago.  Mea culpa to the max.  It's now on its way with a note of humble apology.

This week also marks a third ginormous "tied up with a big honkin' ribbon" loose end closure to the remaining stuff out of the old house.

You've heard of "Five S" organization method, right?  Five Japanese words, all start with "S" that describe how work should be done - sorting, straightening, sweeping, standardizing, self-discipline, safe, security, satisfaction.  (Hey, that's more than 5.  Oh well...)


This is a little more cut-and-dried:  Just three S's:  sort, straighten, and sell.  What doesn't sell is going to charity or the trashcan. Hmmm.  Guess that's a fourth "S".  And we could throw in a fifth "S," for satisfaction when it's all said and done. No matter how many "S's" you want to count, I count it as success because we will manage to seriously shed some old baggage. On a Saturday. Six S's anyone?

A fourth loose end was a little bittersweet.  I went through my blogroll and cleaned out some blogs that have gone by the wayside since I added them.  One asked me to drop them (that's a first.)  See, I told you I was a blog killer...

Happy Saturday!