Jun 10, 2011

Amazing Amazon

For a long time I've said if you can't buy it at WalMart, you just don't need it. I've been known to purchase paint and pastrami, makeup and motor oil, and who-knows-what-else together on a single trip to Sam Walton's sprawling emporium.  A friend once joked about getting strange looks when he bought squirrel corn and shotgun pellets at WalMart.  (He should have gotten strange looks because he was buying them together for a reason...but that's another story.)

In the past few years, Amazon has become like a virtual WalMart.  Appropriately named after the giant river, this once-small online book retailer has become my go-to source for just about anything I need or want and can't buy locally, and they rush it right to my doorstep.
There's a reason they call it Amazon...

It's not just for cars anymore...
In the last year or so I've bought cookware and Wenol metal polish to clean my Fiestaware, bedding, drapes, toys and games for Bible classes, a new camera lens...even our new printer/copier and now toner cartridges for it.  It seems anytime I'm looking for an item, all paths lead to Amazon as the place with the best variety and price. And they still sell books, to boot.

I think just about the only things I can't buy from Amazon are perishable groceries and my violet china.  And my beloved vintage Fiesta dishes.  Pretty amazing how the world of shopping has changed and continues to evolve.

Happy ordering,