Jun 27, 2011

Where ARE we?

Our mailing address is now Rockvale, Tennessee.  That meant we had to give up our decade-old phone number (which was firmly ensconced on the Do-Not-Call Registry) and start over.   I'm amazed how many people live in Rutherford County and don't know where Rockvale is.

But I guess maybe whoever decided we were in Rockvale doesn't know where it is either.   What most of us would consider Rockvale "proper" is located 6 or 7 miles from us and it's mostly farmland between here and there. 

In actuality, we are closer to the outskirts of Murfreesboro or Blackman than we are to Rockvale.

Almaville is almost as close as Rockvale and when I click on the little location link in Blogger and give it my street info, it tells me I'm in Almaville.  Huh?

Well, wherever we are according to the postal service and the cartographers, my heart says we're home.  And that's the best navigation sign of all.

Happy homing-in!