Jun 9, 2011

New season, new house, new blog banner

5-years?  Not for me.
Maybe it's because I'm a dilettante. Or maybe I just ignore the sage advice of blog experts who advise bloggers to find their image and make it their brand.

Hmmph.  Branding may be good for cattle, but I sometimes change things up a bit.  And therefore so does my blog.

Seriously, I like changing up my blog's look every now and then okay, frequently.   I do try to keep the same fonts for the title and subtitle, so you know you're at THIS Domestic Dilettante's blog and not this one or that one.

If I kept a hand-written diary (and I was always good at starting, and lousy at persevering at them as a kid), I would NOT do well with one of these 5-year diaries. Cracking open this same cover for 1,825 days? No way, no how.  But I salute those who do.

Last year (I think it was last summer), I started playing around with customizing my blog banners. Thanks to  Banner of Blessings for some super cute (and free!) banners I personalized.  In addition to using a few of theirs, I've also used a few of my own photos - the bird house in the winter, and the newest header, which is our own new front porch with its hanging baskets of mini-petunias.


Unless I missed one or two, in the past year, I've gone through five banner headings, and am now on Number 6: 
A new change of scenery every 2-3 months?  That sounds about right.  I doubt I will recycle any of these, unless I just can't find another seasonal image I like somewhere down the road.
It's much less frequent than I change clothes but more frequent than I change my wardrobe or hair color. And WAYYYY more frequent than I change paint colors or furniture.  (Which is good, because it's a whole lot easier - and cheaper - to change blog banners than wall colors.)

Happy blogging,