Nov 16, 2010

The Holiday Sprint Week 3: Ready? Set! Wait.

The clock is ticking - we're now down to just over 5 weeks.  Eeek!  However, I refuse to allow Christmas to encroach on Thanksgiving's time on the calendar, so we do not put up a tree before Thanksgiving. (I'm amazed at how many people do!)

We travel to the rural midwest for Thanksgiving, which means we don't do "black Friday" shopping, and we don't get home until very late on Sunday, so there's no putting up the tree as soon as the Thanksgiving dinner is over, as is the manner of my highly efficient and effective friends. Since the cards include a photo of us with the tree, I can't get them printed, signed, sealed and ready to mail early. Basically there is no way to get a headstart on the holidays, other than some deep cleaning (pantry is done; refrigerator and freezer are next.)

Some years I chafe under this self-imposed state of limbo, but everything always gets done between the end of November and December 24.  It's not a miracle, but it does require a leap of faith that it will work out, and it always does.

Occasionally I manage to get some Christmas shopping done in advance. The swimmer girl and I are headed to Gatlinburg this weekend for some shopping and relaxing with a group of friends. Here's hoping I can knock out quite a bit of the gift buying this weekend. That just leaves getting the tree bought and decorated, the cards printed and mailed, the cookies and candies made, and presents wrapped, all before it's time to hang the stockings on the fireplace and catch "A Christmas Story" movie marathon. All in 26 days. Piece of cake, as long as I stretch good first.

Happy sprinting!