Nov 2, 2010

Week 3 Without Running

I am really hoping this calf muscle strain is ready to become a thing of the past, but I won't push my luck too soon (an attempted run is on tap for later this week, just to see how it's doing.  I'm prepared to wave the white flag if it isn't completely  healed.)

In the meantime, our YMCA has launched a new Body Pump workout and I'm pretty sure my body is almost twice the age of the average person in this class.  I was barely able to sit down (or stand up) after my trial run with it last week, but I'm a firm believer in "that which does not kill us makes us stronger," so Monday morning, I went back for round two, which meant my stride was less than graceful when I accompanied Mr. Official to the football officials' banquet last night. Next class is Wednesday, then Friday.

On the in-between days, I can tuck in pilates and yoga.  My only problem is going to be when the calf muscle is fit for running; what am I willing to give up, or will I find myself working out twice a day?  (There are arguably worse things I could do with my time, but there ARE only so many hours in the day.)

Today is voting day, and since I didn't vote early, I will be among those procrastinators who will wait in line to vote at my local polling place.  Then I'm headed for Cheekwood to see the Chihuly exhibit during its last week in Nashville. 

Happy Tuesday,