Nov 4, 2010

Thankful Thursdays: The First Five

As we start the holiday countdown, I want to take a moment each week to take stock of some of the blessings in my life. There are too many to count them all, so I'll just offer a weekly summary of one per day as we head into Thanksgiving.
  1. Being a U.S. citizen. This week saw strong voter turnout at the mid-term elections. May we never forget the precious freedoms that we enjoy, and take responsibility as citizens of this great land and do our part: inform ourselves of the issues and vote responsibly at every opportunity.
  2. Living in the 21st century. We enjoy the benefit of technology and medical advancements that our ancestors did not have access to. From the trivial things (like access to Facebook and a blog) to life-saving equipment, tests, and procedures for medical emergencies.
  3. The foresight of our forefathers. The documents they so thoughtfully framed secure our freedoms, lay out our rights and responsibilities, and form the basis of our government and laws.  I'm thankful for their wisdom and timeless ideals that continue to stand us in good stead today.
  4. The joy of friendship. I have enjoyed the comfort and support of so many good friends over the span of my life - I thank God for each friend He put in my path. I hope I can provide the same love and friendship that I have been privileged to receive.
  5.  God's patience.  He has given me time to grow and mature, providing me with lessons to teach me to wait on Him.  I pray I do not squander the time He gives me, or test His patience more than I already have.
So what are you most grateful for this week?

Happy counting!