Nov 12, 2010

Week 4 Without Running: The Timeout Continues

Well, I did the bad thing: I pushed for a run on Monday (as soon as I hit week 4). "Surely the recommended 5 to 8 week recovery for a moderate calf strain doesn't apply to me!," said my optimistic self. Alas, it apparently does so I and my calf are back in timeout.

Hopefully it's only a small setback, as I didn't push it to another "pop" but in hindsight it was probably a foolhardy thing to do. I'm thankful for my live-in massage therapist who vigorously worked out the knotted calf while gently chastising me for not respecting the age of my ligaments and joints.  To which I say, "harrumph" (because it is too early to say "humbug.")

This long timeout has forced me to get more creative with my exercise repertoire, which has turned out to be good:  who knew I could become a fan of group workouts?  Of course, next week, I plan to try another run. And the week after, and the week after, until I'm fully healed and running without pain (or Advil.)

Happy healing,