Nov 15, 2010

Ten things I love about Thanksgiving

Why do I love Thanksgiving?  Let me count the ways:

Mickey joined the Macy's parade in the '30s
  1. It focuses on faith, family and food, which just so happen to be my favorite focal points all the year long. 
  2. Its signature color is orange, too! (Imagine I'm saying it with an Elle Woods squeal of enthusiasm.)
  3. I love New York City and Macy's.  Since 1924, Macy's has sponsored the Thanksgiving Day parade in NYC.  Ergo, that makes the parade doubly awesome, even if I am the only one in my family who wants to watch it.
  4. It is the holiday that dares to be different and remain unsullied by the crass commercialization that tarnishes other holidays. (No Thanksgiving candy or music or gift exchanges.)
  5. It is fall's last hurrah before winter blusters its way in.
  6. Ease of decoration.  Since I don't do Halloween, my fall decorations remain perfectly stylish until it's time to replace the pumpkins with nutcrackers and sparkly things.
  7. Since we visit the 'rents over Thanksgiving, my cooking duties are minimal - I simply pitch in where needed.  No pressure to perform.
  8. Is there any better smell than a roasting turkey?
  9. The college football season is almost over.  (This year that is indeed a blessing.)
  10. Pecan and pumpkin pie.  Need more?  Okay, pie with whipped cream. 

Happy Thanksgiving,